Friday, October 10, 2008

A Brand New Friendship

I made a simple LO last night. Oh yeah the Scrap Mojo has been present for the past days so I've been taking advantage of it while it lasts. :)

My youngest brother, Paul has been studying in a seminary for two years now. He only gets to go home every other weekends & when they don't have a weekend break, they have a family day at the Seminary on Sundays. We stay there for a few hours to bond with the other families & of course... a family day would never be complete without food! It's always like a feast there. We would share our food with other families & they do the same too. Mark, Marcie & I don't really get to attend that often because Mark usually works even on weekends. But for the past year, a lot of friendships had been formed there, including the brand new friendship between Marcie & Elaine, who is a year older than Marcie. I had taken a photo of the two little girls once when Marcie was about 7 months old. Well she still couldn't actually run around with the bigger kids then but now that she can walk on her own, she's now one of the kids running around the sem. And believe me, this isn't actually too easy for me because this little girl's energy level is tremendous! She could run around chasing the bigger kids all day and poor mommy me is so exhausted from chasing her too. But it's okay as long as I see she's enjoying.

Run Marcie... Run!
Last Sunday, we had another family day & it was so timely because it was also my step-dad's birthday. Of course Marcie was so excited to go to the Sem. As expected, she was running around the whole 4 hours that we spent there. It seems she's also found a new friend. A guy friend this time named Anton. I notice this cute little guy following her around & when Marcie finally stopped running, Anton quickly gave her a kiss on her cheek! Oh this is still cute since they're just kids but I don't think I'll still think the same once she becomes a teen. Anton even managed to give her another kiss before we started packing up to go home. Hehe. Is this what they call "puppy love". lol. Sadly I didn't get to take a picture of them because the camera's batteries died up. :( Well maybe next time. I was able to take this picture of my dad though:

Oops before I forget, here's the LO I made for Marcie & Elaine:
A closer look at the hand-cut flowers (They were cut from a Crate Paper PP. It took a while for me to cut them but I loved how they turned out on the page):


tnapay said...

lovely and sweet layout gracie. :) see you soon (october crop party is near - hehe)

Liza said...

An Absolutely Gorgeous Layout Gracie!!!