Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Minute LOs for September

Here are some last minute LO's for September. I got my Mojo back right before this month ended. Been so busy this month so I thought I had to make up for the days I wasn't able to make any LOs.
Here they are:

Any man can be a Father, it takes someone special to be a Daddy
This photo was taken during Marcie's first day outside the hospital. She finally came home 2 days after I gave birth & this was Daddy's first time to hold Marcie. He was quite nervous at first but when I saw him finally cradling our little girl in his arms, my heart felt so much joy.


Here's another LO for Marcie's first birthday. I promised to do more LOs of her birthday pics so I made another one this morning. I'm a slow scrapper & I'm happy I'm starting to gain a little speed with my scrapping. We had a Strawberry Shortcake theme as she loves "Fabeya" (her term for Strawberry Shortcake).

Oh and I also mentioned I was supposed to start my Christmas project this September. But since I've been really busy, I was only able to start one today, the last day of September! Hehe. Here's a sneak peak of my Christmas project...

October here we come!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Scrappy Birthday To Me...

This was the LO I finished from my last post. It's a birthday LO but it was for Marcie's first birthday.
Speaking of birthdays...I just celebrated my 26th Birthday a few days ago (September 27) & I was really happy during my special day. I would like to thank everyone who dropped by my blog to greet me & those who sent in emails & text messages too. It made my day extra special. As mentioned on my previous post, I really didn't have any concrete plans for my birthday celebration. I actually spent my day cooking & of course doing what I love... Scrapping! Hehe. So it was a "Scrappy Birthday" as I called it. I managed to finish my mini purse album that day.

We heard mass in the evening (which was an anticipated mass for Sunday) to give thanks for all the wonderful blessings I have received for the past 26 years of my life. And soon, one of my sought after wishes will finally turn into reality. I will be starting my little Arts & Crafts business soon. Thanks to dear hubby for this wonderful gift as he provided most of the capital to be used for this new venture. Thanks also to my parents who volunteered to pack the stuff I ordered from the U.S. & have them shipped here. I will be starting gradually & hopefully, if things turn out fine, I'll get stuff from more companies. I will post updates regarding this matter every now & then.

So after we heard mass I was surprised to see my cousin's car parked in front of our house. Two of my cousins were there & greeted me. They said they came to celebrate with me on my birthday & another cousin was going to visit too. Well as I've said, I didn't have any plans for my birthday! I didn't even cook dinner because I decided that we would eat out instead. As I entered the house, my sister who came to visit also was there. Now I have instant visitors & hubby & I decided to leave the house for a while to buy food. I didn't want to disappoint my cousins who apparently "ambushed" me. Lol. We bought a cake from Red Ribbon, their latest addition to their cakes... the S'mores Cake which looked so yummy!
And it tasted Yummy too!

We also bought sisig from Mila's & Pancit Canton from Dainty. So there, I had an instant party at our house. =) Well I guess it was a good thing because I had my family to celebrate with me. I rarely bond with my cousins & also my sister who now lives in Antipolo plus my brother who is in the seminary most of the time, so this was really a special day for me. We spent a few hours eating while catching up on each other's life stories, watched some DVD concerts & played bowling on my brother's Wii which we all enjoyed. Of course this day wouldn't be complete without pictures! Since I missed to post my Saturday Pic of the week... I'll be sharing more pictures today instead.

I obviously felt happy in this picture:
Finally... Here's the whole gang:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Madness

Yey! Finally another LO finished! (will post pics tomorrow). I haven't been that productive with my scrapping lately. Not because I don't want to but because my schedule prevents me to. I've been too busy since my parents left for a 2 week trip to the U.S. I have been assigned with the house cooking, taking care of the business, wholesale deliveries to Manila, inventories & of course I still have my little girl to attend to. I barely have the time to rest & haven't gotten enough sleep lately. I can feel my eye bags sogging & I statrted losing weight again. :( Then this afternoon, I had to go to drop by our store to bring some of the stocks needed, then off to the post office to pick up the catalogue DCWV sent me. They have lots of yummy goodies in that catalogue & I wish I could have them all. Hehe. I then drove for about an hour to fetch my brother from school (he only goes home every other weekend since they stay in a seminary). Oh & take note... I've been driving airconless on a very hot day! The car's aircondition broke down a few weeks ago & hasn't been repaired till now because the mechanic told us the parts needed were hard to find & out of stock! I was able to bear the scorching heat but I did drop by Mc Donald's to get me a cold chocolate milk shake to cool me down. Yum-o! I wish every branch had milk shakes. I think only 2 branches in Pampanga have them.
Well anyway, I picked up my brother & his classmate who lived near us and went home to cook dinner. Whew!

I've been so busy that I didn't even realize (until today) that I'll be turning 26 tomorrow! Yep, I will be celebrating my birthday. Still no concrete plans for the big day though. And Oh I just heard from the news while typing this... 90 days to go before Christmas! Boy does time fly fast! I haven't even started any of my Christmas projects as planned for September. A few days to go & it'll be October already! Well I hope I'll get some R&R tomorrow (rest & relaxation). I badly need it! Wish me luck. Haha.

Oops it's dinner time! Gotta hit the kitchen again to prepare the table.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Purse album & Prizes from Artzdescrap

I received my purse album materials from Artzdescrap last week together with my prize from the altered felt challenge from August. (Thank you Artzdescrap for the fab prizes! ) =)

I finally had the time to start with the album yesterday. (I've been slowing down with my scrapping this month... so busy with the business & the house as well.) I'm done with the album's base but the pages will have to wait for now. I made a baby themed album & I used mini baby alphabet block beads for the purse handle where I spelled out Marcie's full name (Mari Ciella Angelique David Tan). I also embellished the album with pink buttons, flowers, ric rac & brads. I made a small pocket where a tag is inserted & a cut out of a little teddy bear. Did some stitching on the pocket too. Finally, I took a picture of it with a cute white teddy. And of course Marcie had a little bit of participation during the pictorial too... See that little hand trying to grab little teddy? Yup! That's Marcie's hand. Hehe. Hopefully I could finish the whole album soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pic of the Week-Minaminama...

I know you're probably thinking... what in the world does "minaminama" mean?! Well I was once wondering of the same thing until I finally discovered what it meant. You see, my little girl has her own vocabulary. She has these funny words for things & I have no idea where she gets them. I guess lots of kids go through that phase. My nephew's term for milk is "giya"(where did that come from?).

So going back... Minaminama actually means swimming (for Marcie that is). Every time she sees a pool, the ocean, any body of water or even a bucket of water she says that word. So for my pic of the week...

Oh she loves the water! She has this habbit of going in a pail of water when she takes a bath & it would take me extra effort to pull her out of it coz she doesn't wanna stop playing with the water. Can you tell? She's loving it! I'm sure in a few months she'll outgrow this pail. I may need to buy a bigger one! Lol! Just kidding. :)

Time for me to get some sleep. This week has been so tiring & stressful. I may need to do some "minaminama" myself. Hehe. Have a happy weekend everyone!

xoxo =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I submitted an entry for the Scrappin' Moms Salingkit Idol. I'm no longer an official contestant but I thought of joining in for more learning & fun. Well at least this time, no more pressure. Though I wasn't sure at first if I got the challenge criteria right, I submitted my LO anyway. You can view my entry here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're Invited...

Well maybe not... Hehe. I was asked by my best friend, Cats to make her brother's wedding invitations this month. I just finished the last batch yesterday. This was a rush project for me since the wedding is already next Monday & yet they only gave me the complete list of their entourage last Sunday. Good thing I only had to make 30 of them. The base is a deep purple card stock. I then added a pocket on the base to hold the pink card stocks where the wedding details & the entourage list is printed. A small business card sized card stock is also included for the couples note to their guests. For the finishing touch I tied a pink silk ribbon around the invites. There you go... a quick way to make a simple & yet elegant invitation for a very special occasion.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Photoshop

Just wanted to share this:
For those of you who do not have Photoshop or a Photo Editing Software, you can go to this site for a free online Photo Editing. You will need to sign up first but it's no problem coz it's free! :) You can the save the edited photos on your PC by clicking on the Download Photo Option. Editing here is simple & easy. Plus let me say this again... It's FREE! Hehe. Don't we all love freebies? :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

To my friend Romely, Hope this inspires you... Haha!

Hidden Journal:
Miss you guys!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Pic of the week"

I wanted to start a weekly tradition for my blog so even if I don't have a LO or project to share, I can post something here. Hehe. I'm calling it "Pic of the week". I'll share a photo or two at the end of each week & tell a short story about it. :)

For my first "Pic of the Week"....
Well there's actually 3 photos of Marcie. These were taken earlier today when we went to the Super Market to do some grocery shopping. She didn't sleep all afternoon so I guess she got tired from all the running around the mall. So here's what happened about 5 minutes after I placed her on the child seat of the shopping cart... (and I just had to take her photo! lol.)

Oh poor little girl. I had to finish my shopping right away. I couldn't let her sleep there for a long time plus I had to push the cart very slowly so she wouldn't bump her head. Everyone who passed y us couldn't help but notice this cute little sleepy head. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to Chill

Mom's going to visit my sister in the U.S. so I thought of giving my new niece a little present. I made an altered clock with her cute picture in it. Wish I could meet my little niece soon. She's as cute as a little Japanese doll (She's half Japanese & half Filipina). Hugs & Kisses to you little Sydney! Mwah!

Another Award

Thank you, Tna for sharing this award.

here are the rules for passing on the award:
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i would like to share this award to Diane, Michelle, Vivi, Mich, Cabbie, ScrapperMaya, Candy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

Got this award from Vivi.Thanks girl! =)
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Now since it said at least 7 other blogs, here are my nominees:-
Tna, Romely, Candy,Diane, Liza, ScrapperMaya, Marisa

Friday, September 5, 2008

Good a.m.

Well it's actually 5:40 p.m right now so it's not a.m. anymore. But good a.m. (short cut for good morning) is the title of my new LO for Marcie. Hehe. My first LO for September too. (Finally got my mojo back) I love how she looks in this picture. Her innocence shines through & I love how her hair is all spiky (she just woke up that's why...).

Materials used: Green PP & Die cuts from Katlin Collection (Crate Paper), Rosebud ink (Color Box) , purple cardstock (The Paper company) for the alphas which I cut from my Xyron Wishblade, White & Black thread (DMC)

For the black frame, I did a little sewing. I used white thread at first but it didn't seem visible so I added the black thread later on. The picture is a 4r picture which I cut into 6 equal pieces to make it look somewhat like a puzzle. I then added a mat for the picture. I also dabbed some pink ink (Color Box Rosebud stamp pad) on the green patterned paper to add more emphasis to the photo. This was inspired from the Scrap Jack Challenge.

Journaling: Rise & shine my little sunshine! I love your early morning look. =)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Toots Galore! =)

Wow it's September already & I'm loving it! The "Ber" months are here & so is the start of my Birthday month. I received 3 good announcements today & I feel the Christmas Spirit drawing closer.
Toots galore:
*First was from Tna who sent me an e-mail telling me I won the RAK from the Kaya Challenge at Pinoy Scrapbookers for my altered clock entry. Here's what I'll be receiving:

Thanks to Rekindled Moments for sponsoring the yummy RAK & thank you Cookie for teaching us the tutorial.
* Second was from Scrapping the Music where they posted that I also won the drawing for this Frances Meyer kit:

*Last but not the least... from Artzdescrap for winning their altered felt challenge. I will be receiving a RAK sponsored by Our Craft Place as well as the materials for their new challenge- The altered mini-purse album.( Join the fun... try their challenge too! I'm loving altered stuff.)

Now isn't that good news?! Can you imagine me jumping up & down while rejoicing. Lol.

Now that the new month is here, I do hope I could make more LOs & creations. I know I'll be busy for sure because I promised myself that I will start making my Christmas gift bags & altered cans which I will use for gift containers & some to sell in our store.

To wrap this post up...I have done some tallying for the month of August & I can say I was quite productive.

Altered art-3