Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Madness

Yey! Finally another LO finished! (will post pics tomorrow). I haven't been that productive with my scrapping lately. Not because I don't want to but because my schedule prevents me to. I've been too busy since my parents left for a 2 week trip to the U.S. I have been assigned with the house cooking, taking care of the business, wholesale deliveries to Manila, inventories & of course I still have my little girl to attend to. I barely have the time to rest & haven't gotten enough sleep lately. I can feel my eye bags sogging & I statrted losing weight again. :( Then this afternoon, I had to go to drop by our store to bring some of the stocks needed, then off to the post office to pick up the catalogue DCWV sent me. They have lots of yummy goodies in that catalogue & I wish I could have them all. Hehe. I then drove for about an hour to fetch my brother from school (he only goes home every other weekend since they stay in a seminary). Oh & take note... I've been driving airconless on a very hot day! The car's aircondition broke down a few weeks ago & hasn't been repaired till now because the mechanic told us the parts needed were hard to find & out of stock! I was able to bear the scorching heat but I did drop by Mc Donald's to get me a cold chocolate milk shake to cool me down. Yum-o! I wish every branch had milk shakes. I think only 2 branches in Pampanga have them.
Well anyway, I picked up my brother & his classmate who lived near us and went home to cook dinner. Whew!

I've been so busy that I didn't even realize (until today) that I'll be turning 26 tomorrow! Yep, I will be celebrating my birthday. Still no concrete plans for the big day though. And Oh I just heard from the news while typing this... 90 days to go before Christmas! Boy does time fly fast! I haven't even started any of my Christmas projects as planned for September. A few days to go & it'll be October already! Well I hope I'll get some R&R tomorrow (rest & relaxation). I badly need it! Wish me luck. Haha.

Oops it's dinner time! Gotta hit the kitchen again to prepare the table.


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Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi said...

Hey, it's still 27 here! Hehe. Happy Birthday Gracie! I wish you may receive all what your loving heart deserves.