Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm back!

Well I've been busy for the past week which explains my week long absence here. I was in Manila last Saturday to deliver goods to our clients there. Sadly, on our way to our final delivery, our car was side swiped by another car! The driver of the other car was on the wrong lane ( the lane where we were in was a lane to turn right) as he was supposed to go straight. I guess he realized that so he was in a hurry to overtake us and then I heard that loud bang and our car was hit. Sorry for him though coz his car is brand new while ours is about 5 years old already. Ours only got a few scratches but still I'm thankful no one was hurt. I was with my little girl too so Thank God we're all okay. Well we had to wait there on the road for about an hour since there were no police men at the area. Sheesh! Where are they when you need them???
Finally, a police car passed by and Mark had to call their attention so we could finally get a police report and settle things. But I thought that was it. Boy was I wrong! We were asked to go to the police station because the cops who passed by us said that area wasn't included in the area they handle. So we did go to the police station only to find out that we had to go to another station! Grrr... this really ruined our schedule. We were supposed to go back to Angeles that afternoon to attend a friend's wedding but no thanks to the accident we didn't make it. :( It took a few hours for them to get the police report done. It was past 2pm and we didn't even have lunch yet. We arrived at Tutuban Mall where we delivered our goods at around 3:30pm and finally had lunch at 4pm. I was soooo hungry! Plus the mall was super crowded because it was a weekend and it's Christmas Season so what do I expect. Hehe.

Oooh what a day! I was really tired and quite disappointed because we didn't make it to my friend's wedding. Plus the fact that I decided not to attend the PS/SE Christmas party to go to the wedding (which we never saw) made it a bit sadder. Anyway like I said, we're still lucky nothing bad happened to us. That's the most important thing.

Moving on... Despite of my busy week I managed to squeeze in a few LOs. One of them was actually a project we made from the My Little Attic Scrap Jam 2 weeks ago but I thought of adding more to it. It's my first time to work on an acrylic sheet. We were supposed to use alcohol inks or glimmer mist but I only got to use the latter because I didn't have alcohol inks and I don't really know how to use it. Hehe.

Here's my first attempt on using an acrylic sheet:
Title: Sweet Dreams Little Star
I sprayed pearl glimmer mist on the acrylic sheet and on the painted chipboard stars. I also added some bling to make them look like sparkling stars. Hmm.. looks like the photo has glimmer mist too but it really doesn't. It just turned out that way when I took the shot. I'll be sharing the other LOs later. :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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