Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unfinished Business

Oh no! It's past midnight and I'm still up. I just finished packing our bags for our much awaited trip to the North. We'll be going to Pangasinan, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, and Baguio too. It's gonna be a very long ride (approximately 10 hours by land!) Well here I am trying to catch my sleep while writing this post through my phone. Lol. As if that's gonna help me sleep! It was a pretty tiring day for me. I had to finish some business matters, packed for me, hubby and Marcie. Unfortunately, Mark had to report to work tonight but good thing his leave was approved for tomorrow until next week! Yey! After packing (which I hate coz it took me forever!), I baked more cookies to bring with us along the trip. I had to clean the kitchen afterwards and then did my final packing. I suddenly saw my unfinished LO which was supposed to be for the Kaya Challenge! Oops I didn't finish on time! I thought the deadline was tomorrow until I saw my email from the PS group. So sorry Bjay, I really tried to beat the deadline but I failed. :( Anyway, here's a peek at my unfinished layout:

Notice how my table is so messy too? Didn't have enough time to clean it up. So much to do but so little time! Oh well I guess I'll just post the finished product when I get back home from our trip. I will be absent for a while but if we're fortunate enough to have Wi-fi spots in the area, I'll try to update my blog and share some pics. :) Ta ta for now! Gracie

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