Monday, April 27, 2009

Banana Muffins and Recycled Projects

My mom brought home a couple of over ripe bananas yesterday which she got from my grandmas house. She said they would be perfect for baking banana muffins and asked me to bake some this afternoon. I added some oatmeal and chocolate chunks for added flavor and texture to the muffins. I also baked a loaf of banana bread using the same recipe but baked longer. I enjoyed taking photos of them as much as we enjoyed eating these yummy treats.

Hot and fresh from the oven:

2 dozens and a half:Let's have a close up:
A loaf of yummy goodness:

Want a slice?And if that wasn't enough, I also created some projects to go with the muffins. I made some altered projects and some cards using some recycled materials.

First was this altered can (it's an emptied chocolate wafer sticks container) which can be used as a gift container for these muffins. You can fit up to 4 muffins in the can. It can also be used as a container for trinkets or other goodies too.
Here's a closer look at the can:
Another recycled project which I also made on my previous post is the altered toilet paper roll. This one can be a gift card holder:

And last but not the least are these pair of cards (I had some left over pps from the can and the gc holder so I made some mini cards from them to maximize the use of the pp):
TFL! Have a yummy week ahead!


Fred said...

YUMMY! mukhang masarap yan ah!Teach me naman Gracie hehehe :)

Lee i. said...

these really look yummy. makes me feel like waking up my husband so we can drive out for a midnight snack. :-)