Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cookies anyone?

It's been way too long since I last baked cookies. One of our family favorites is chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I found lots of oatmeal in our pantry that will be expiring in a few weeks so I thought I'd use them up by baking cookies. I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients I didn't have at home and started baking as soon as we got home. I was quite nervous I might not get the recipe right since I haven't done this for a while. But after baking about 32 pieces of cookies only 2 pieces remain today! Yey! So that's a good thing right? It's either they like it a lot or they're just really hungry they had no choice but to eat them. Lol. I really missed baking. I used to do it a lot when I was in college and I remember baking dozens and dozens of chocolate crinkles back in college when we had a project in our accounting subject that had something to do with business. We would go to other classrooms and sell them by piece or by the dozen. Even our professors were a fan of those cookies. I just wish I could find the recipe again. Anyway, for the chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I used this recipe which I found on the net. Well it had pretty good ratings and reviews so I gave it a try. And yes it was yummy! I added some walnuts and instead of chocolate chips, I chopped some chocolate truffles and added the chunks to the cookies. Now we still have more oatmeal left so I'm planning to bake some more for my mom's birthday this Saturday. :) I was supposed to take photos of the finished products yesterday but I only got to do it today and there were only 3 pieces left. Hihi!
Oops now there are only two coz my little girl sneaked in after I took the first shot and grabbed one of the cookies! Hihi. (She looked a bit shock in this photo because mommy caught her in the

Look how cute this sweetie pie is:

Oh and if you're looking for some more yummy goodness, hop on over to Tna's blog where she also posted some of her baked goodies. :)


tnapay said...

those look yummy :) patikim hihi.

love crinkles too and the first time i ever did them {almost a decade and a half} i didn't do well. hehe. so i made them again after 15 years LOL. and i used this one from pinoy cook:

happy baking :-D

bjay said...

ay, sarap nyan. my hubby's a big fan of oatmeal cookies - with triffles pa? uh-uhmm :)

salme said...

Yummy cookies! :-)