Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Wishes & more

Nope not yet my birthday but I got tagged by Tna and I got me this birthday award:
this is what I needed to do:
1. Make a list of what you want for your Birthday.
2. The list should be 10 numbers.
3. Include the image of this Award on your Post.
4. Give it to 10 Friends of yours.

Hmmm..... birthday wishes....
1. My very own scrap room.
2. A physical scrapbook store (so far it's just online and I'm hoping one day I'll have a store with a craft room where my friends and customers can scrap).
3. Better work schedule for my hubby. ( I hate his schedule-graveyard shift plus he can't really file vacation leaves that much because there's no one else who is licensed to do his work... company is cost cutting I guess!)
4. A vacation for me, hubby and Marcie. (maybe somewhere out of town or out of the country...but ofcourse it's quite impossible because of hubby's work)
5. Watch a movie in a cinema. (Can you believe I haven't seen a single movie in the cinema house ever since I gave birth to Marcie? She's 2 years old now. lol)
6. My own DSLR Camera. (I'm only using my dad's camera for now)
7. Good health for the whole family.
8. Safety, security and a good future ahead.
9. Patience, patience and more patience...
10. Perhaps a robot that could do all the house chores and fix business orders for me. :) lol. Wish wish wish!

Now I'm passing this on to Romely, Maya, Vivs, Bjay, Cookie, Ching, Janis, Lee, Issa & Donna.

Speaking of birthdays... this guy celebrated his birthday last March 21 and we were able to catch their gig here in Angeles last Friday cross over Saturday (since it finished at about 1 am):
Happy Birthday Bams! :) (Hehe feeling close!) We were with the band at their waiting room before they performed and Rico Blanco was also there. But we couldn't get any pictures with them coz we got a little shy. (Baka isipin nila masyado kami fanatic. Haha. Pinuslit lang kami sa gig nila courtesy of Vic, their drummer, who is also my sister's fiance.) Bamboo is actually the first band that Marcie learned to recognize. When Bamboo entered the room she quietly said "Baboo". And he said hello to her. lol.

Got more pics of them during their performances :

Rico Blanco (who also celebrated his bday last March 17):

Vic - the drummer

The group:
Nathan, Ira & Bamboo:


Vivs said...

Thanks so much Gracie for this wonderful award! =) =)

Sorry for not being able to drop by here after some time..Life's been super hectic lately! Happy to know you had fun during the concert hehe!

ps. I wish i could see Sarah Geronimo's concert! =)

janis said...

Advance happy birthday gracie. Thanks for the tag. ;o) you have a great blog here (wish ko lang magaya ko siya hehehe).

Wishing you happiness and health.... and a lot of scrap goodies to come. ;o)

CHING said...

Happy Birthday Gracie !
Thanks for the award !

tnapay said...

hehe. i like wish #10 :-D