Friday, August 29, 2008

End of the Road...

Well I did try & I made it through two rounds. But unfortunately for me, it was the end of the road for my Scrappin' Moms Idol journey. I must admit I was really scared to try because I know it was gonna be a long shot for me. All the contestants were really good & some of them I really consider my idols when it comes to this craft. But looking back, I can say I'm proud of myself for having the guts to join despite of the doubts I had. I learned so much not only from the challenges but also from the other contestants as well. There were lots of new techniques used by the others & I'm sure they'll be something I can try one of these days. Thank you Scrappin' Moms for the opportunity!

Well on the lighter side, my best friend gave me a buzz a few days ago asking me for help with her brother's wedding. I will be making invitations & giveaways for that. I guess it's true that when one door closes, another opportunity paves its way in. At least with this I'll get to do what I love & get paid too. Hehe.

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Vivs said...

Hi Gracie. Yeah never give up. Its not end of the world. Because you have wonderful creations! You did awesome and clearly an inspiration for me (as i have been a silent reader of your fun blog). Thank you