Friday, August 8, 2008

Be Creative

I found this journal in our house which I used to jot down my plans & ideas for my future business. I always wanted to put up an arts & craft store here in our place & I'm praying & hoping it would soon turn into a reality. This is where I also draw little sketches for some of my LOs & card ideas.

Well since I'm an "artsy" person I decided to jazz up my plain old journal & I ended up creating this:
My new & improved journal looks more inspiring & will surely get my creative juices flowing. I painted the cover with chocolate brown paint & when it was all dried up, I started decorating it with left over scrap papers & stickers. I found an old picture of me & placed it on top of the paper scraps to make it more personalized. Oh I did a little stitching on the photo too.

The title "Be Creative" was inspired from the challenge posted from One Little Word. Their word for the week is "BE". Since this journal is about art & creativity the title was perfect. Written on the paper strips were more words to "Be"... Unique, Me!, Helpful, Smart, Patient, Organized, Fun!, Inspired, Artistic, Resourceful, Productive, Thankful, Beautiful & Happy. =) Hand-written quote written at the bottom right reads..." Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams-


aurelei90 said...

wondeful LO and vey original

Lynn said...

I love it!


tna said...

so cool, ann :)