Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cleaning up my closet...

A little break from scrapping...
I made a short list of things that I have to accomplish for this month. First on the list was to clean & organize my closet. Thank goodness I finally got my “cleaning mode” on! Haha. It took me about 4 hours clearing up a single closet! I didn’t realize (until today) how much clutter was in there. I had to do a lot of sorting too. The old clothes I had in there were piling up & I remembered that sermon from our priest when he said it is shameful to have lots of things stored up & not being used when a lot of people around us barely have anything to wear. So I did my sorting & guess what??? I ended up filling 2 bags of unused clothes which we will surely give out to others and 1 big paper bag full of trash to give away to the garbage men. =)

So here are the before & after photos:


A few hours later:

Well it is better than before right??

I felt tired but very relieved at the same time knowing that my closet can finally “breathe” now. If it could talk it would probably be rejoicing & thanking me! Plus I know a lot of people will benefit from our unused clothes. They’re all in good condition but a lot of them I can no longer wear because I gained a little bit of weight after giving birth. One down!

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Danice said...

LOL I know the feeling!!! mines looking similar to pic no. 1 and even worse mine is supposed to be a walk in closet! i have three bags of clothes to get rid off too!!