Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pics of the week/ Happy Birthday Marcie!

She's officially in her terrible two stage today. Well even if she wasn't 2 yet she was already full of energy and always on the go.
Our little princess didn't wake up until 10:30 a.m. I guess she was preparing for her big day. While she was still asleep, we were busy preparing food for her small party. Lolo (grandpa) & Lola (grandma) prepared a delicious meal while I took care of the cake and her giveaways. Here's a little secret... I sort of altered her birthday cake. Lol. You see, I was suppose to buy her a cake today but yesterday, after a long day outside the house, I came home & found a box of chocolate cake in the fridge. I thought it was a cake for Marcie from my sister but when I peeked inside the box, the message on the cake read "Happy New Year". lol. It turns out it was a gift to my mom from one of her clients. Well my mom said we'll just use that for Marcie's cake instead of buying another one. So since it had that Happy New Year message, I bought some marshmallows and covered the top pf the cake with them. Hihihi! Being a scrapper, I also made a cake topper so it woudl have her name on it. Here's a pic of the cake with the goody bags I made for her cousins.We really didn't have a lot of visitors, most of them are relatives from my mom's side and just a couple fo my closest friends. It was a small & simple party but Marcie surely enjoyed it. I guess our visitors did too especially the eating part since there were barely any food left after the party. And since it was a Sunday we did have our weekly BINGO. Hehe.
After the party, we went home to open Marcie's presents. She got pelnty of new toys & clothes & she said "Wow!" every time we opened a gift. And her favorite pressy is her new bike from mommy & daddy. =)
Later on we heard Mass to give thanks for Marcie's new year & all the blessings we received today. There she is finally sleeping after a very fun day. She didn't even take her afternoon nap because she was busy playing all day.

Well, I'm off to bed now too. TFL!

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tnapay said...

happy birthday marcie. :) that was such a wonderful story of thanksgiving. :-D and you are very resourceful gracie. saludo ku keka, hihi.

now that the holidays are over, back to our routine. back to scrapping. :-D