Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Heart Atrz de Scrap

The moment I found this blog I fell in love with it. I am always inspired to see all the wonderful creations their DT create every month. I first knew about Artz de Scrap through one of their DTs, Cabbie Lopez, who is one of my idols when it comes to the Scrapping/ Altering world.

Since then, I've been joining their challenges whenever I had the time to accomplish one. What's best about this blog is that they usually give away free stuff to alter. I've received a couple of materials already from Liza Yet (also a member of their DT) who has always been generous. I was also fortunate enough to win in one of their challenges. I think it was my first time to join then and it was for an altered felt challenge. I had so much fun with it and not to mention the yummy prizes I got for winning.

Now they're celebrating their 1st anniversary and I'm glad they're still here to continue to bring me inspiration. Thanks to Artz de Scrap, I found lots of new ways to recycle and create beautiful art works.

Thank you Artz de Scrap and more power in the years to come! :)

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Candy said...

Goodluck, Gracie! Hope you win one of the RAKS!