Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Featured Cards at Card Sketch A Day

I was given another opportunity to be a guest dessigner for Card Sketch A Day blog. You can view my cards here. Here's a little peek of the two cards:I will be featured again there next month so watch out for that too.

And another happy news for me... I was also given an opportunity to be published on an online scrapbook magazine which will be shown next month too. 2 LOs and one altered item were all accepted. :)

Hope you're all enjoying the week. Mine... very tiring week but I'm happy I still get to squeeze in some scrapping and Twilight reading. Yup... just halfway through the first book though. Hehe. Now I know why evryone's going gaga over the saga. Got the first two books from my mom as her pasalubong from the States.



Lee i. said...

congratulations on your many achievements. it's only february. i'm sure the published work in a magazine is just around the corner. :-) word verification is "pulgas". hahaha.

tnapay said...

hi ann. :-) congrats on your gdt stints and most of all, the layouts, cards and projects you have accomplished (published or not). :-D

enjoy twilight. hihihi

Jamie said...

Why would you rather be published in a print magazine? Online magazines are just as valid and they reach a huge and international audience. Print magazine are expensive to buy and publish, not to mention the environmental damage - plus they're all going out of business. You're way better off with online publications.

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Oh wow, this is good news! Always a silver lining isn't it?! I'm really really happy for you Gracie!