Friday, February 27, 2009

CP Sketch #3 and Physical Therapy

I missed Card Pattern's 2nd sketch last week but I'm glad I was able to make it to the last minute for the third sketch. This time I made a baby girl card to give to someone who gives birth to a girl... still don't know to whom I shall give it to (lol). It just so happened I had an unfinished pink card which I found inside my Scrapboss compartment and decided to finish it using CP Sketch #3. Here's my take on the sketch:

I'm still going through Physical therapy for my back and knee and I'm starting to get sick of the hospital. I'm there every M-W-F for an hour and a half and I'm supposed to finish 6 sessions. Then I had a follow up check up and was advised to add 4 more sessions! :( So that means I'll be going to the hospital again til next week. Anyway, hope this improves my condition. I'm so glad the weekend is here.

Happy Weekend & keep it safe!


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Hey Gracie, I'm glad you could join us this week! What happened to your back & knee?
I love that rattle in your card & the soft colors. You can give it to me coz I want and I'm going to have a baby girl next time! LOL.

whoistracy said...

This is adorable! That little rattle is just the cutest.

Thanks for joining us!

Physical Therapy Colorado said...

I hope the Physical Therapy is helping. I agree with you that the the atmosphere of most hospitals is horrible. I'm not sure why they design them like that.