Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok so, my daughter's first birthday was months ago! (January 4) Still it was only today that I was able to make a layout for her birthday. But it's never too late to scrap some more. I might be making more LOs of her birthday soon. But for now here's what I've done:

I used a plain red cardstock for my background & did a lot of doodling with my handy dandy white gel pen. I placed a small cut out of her birthday cake at the left bottom corner of the page. The main picture is of course Marcie, the birthday girl. This was taken before we started opening her gifts. You could see how excited she was. Cut the picture with my circle cutter to make it llok like the letter "O". The letters "N" & "E" were plain chipboard alphas which I then painted with acrylic paint & doodled with white stars. The pink star burst cut out was made from my wishblade. Journaling: "
I can't believe you've turned 1 already. It seems like you were only born yesterday. Time does really fly fast. You were quite sleepy during your party but when it was time to open the presents, you were finally charged again. You started to laugh so cheerfully & even started dancing. Those sparkle in your eyes show how much fun you had turning one."

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Magic When I'm With You...

I had a blast creating this LO! I experimented with chip boards & nail polish. Who knew the two were a perfect pair. =) I painted the flower chip boards & the letter M with different colors of nail polish. I loved how they turned out since they had that glimmering effect. I then used a white gel pen to add polka dots on the chip boards. Buttons were perfect flower centers. The letters "agic" were cut from my Wishblade machine. For my journaling I used a transparency film and used rub-on alphas & flowers. I attached the journaling with 2 brads to make sure it would hold perfectly. Here it is:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going Digital

A few months ago I ventured in the world of digital scrapbooking. You can get a lot of digital freebies online making it easier for digital scrappers to work on their LOs. Here are some of my digital creations:


Journaling: "I love you so much though it doesn't always show. But be assured that in my heart, my love for you will always grow."

An experimental LO for me & my hubby. A lot of distressing methods used here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I hold you dearly...

Scrapping till 2 in the morning... (yes that's 2 a.m. I couldn't sleep since Marcie didn't want to sleep yet either!) I managed to finish this LO. The picture I used was edited back in 2007. Took a picture of my little girl in an angel get up. I used a white cloth diaper & shaped it to look like wings. Hehe. Then took a separate picture of my hand & finally after some cropping & editing, put the 2 pictures together & there you go! My big hand holding my little angel.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Still a little rusty...

It's only been a week since I reunited with the scrapping world again. I must say my skills are still a bit rusty. I still have a lot of learning & practicing to do. I've been viewing different blogs lately & found a lot of interesting scrap challenges. I've been locked up inside the house for almost a week now because of the colds Marcie & I caught. Well to my boredom I decided to try joining one of the challenges. It was from "Scrapping the Music" Blog. Their theme for this week... Girls in Their Summer Clothes. I had some pictures of little Marcie in her summer clothes so I pulled out my stash & tools and started scrapping. It took me a few tries, changing things from time to time. This evening, I finally finished it. Well I still think it's not that good yet but maybe it will do for my first challenge. Well here it is...

Hmm... Still a little rusty huh?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another first...

July 11, 2008 was the day for my very first Scrap Jam. Well it's also the first held here in Angeles City. Days before that I wasn't even sure if I would make it. Marcie's yaya (nanny) was fired just a month ago and my husband had work on the day of the Jam. I couldn't possibly take her (Marcie) with me to the Jam for I know for sure she'll get bored and mess up things there. But still I took my chances and sweetly asked my hubby if he could ask someone from work to switch day offs with him. Two days later he delivered the good news... his office mate agreed! Yey! Off to the scrap jam!

But wait, not so fast... On the morning of the scrap jam I was soooo.... busy. We had wholesale orders from Manila (the family business I was co-managing is a perfume/ health & beauty store but we do wholesale too). So I had to fix the orders as soon as I got up. Plus while doing that I had to multi-task with making die cut samples from my wishblade and taking care of my oh so cute baby. While the machine was cutting I had to get stocks from our bodega (storage room) which was like hell. The room had no ventilation I felt like I was in a sauna! After that sweaty moment, I took a short break and had lunch. The clock was ticking fast... I realized it was already 3 p.m. I took a quick bath & left home with my beach bag full of scrapbook tools and materials. Oh I had to go back home too coz I left my portfolio where I kept my die cuts! Grrr... Memory Gap!

It was about 5 minutes past 5 when I finally arrived at the venue (Shanghai restaurant in Balibago). Luckily I wasn't late. I saw new faces and some familiar faces. Most were former workmates at AOL. We had the registration & while waiting for the other participants to arrive, we did a little bit of shopping from the neat stuff Ms. Marisa (from Scrapbooks Hawaii) brought to sell. I somehow managed to control my self from hoarding the materials. Hehe.

Then the moment we've been waiting for... our first project. It was a cutie pink card stock tote decorated with ribbons & paper flowers. Then came the second project, a two-page scrapbook layout. I love the kits they provided to us.

There were also raffle draws. At first it seemed like everyone was winning but me. I told my seatmate that and right after I said it, my name was called! I won! Yey! I got a Quickutz idea book which was really cool. More raffles were drawn later and I was lucky enough to win in about 4 draws. Hehe. I'm usually unlucky with raffles but I guess today was my lucky day after all. We also got other freebies from Ms. Marisa.

After the second project, dinner was served! I really didn't eat too much since I just had Chinese food last night. Enough Chinese food for me for this month! Continued my shopping spree then we were asked to go back to our seats again to start our third project. It was a mini gate-fold album. I really like this one. It's unique and cute too. It looks quite complicated to make but when we actually started making it, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Here's my finished product for this project:

We were told we only had 3 projects but since we finished fast Ms. Marisa had another project for us. It was a Victorian inspired card but mine turned out to be like a birth announcement:

It was indeed a hectic day for me but I'm happy I made it. I would have regretted it if I didn't go to the Jam. I learned so much and really had fun. I was so excited to go home and finish my projects. And I finally finished them all yesterday. =)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Fiskars Challenge

Let's join!

Around the world.....

Ok, so we've got a little game for you with prizes (yes, that's a plural!).

We wanna see how far around the world we can go....

We know we've got heaps of readers from Aussie and NZ. Hi ladies! We know we've got a few from the USA Good day to you! And even some from Europe G'day!

But what we'd like to do is just see for real how many different countries we can get along here.

So here's the deal. Email all your friends and/or put a post on your blog. Giving people this post link and say 'go leave a comment with your name and country plus my name and country'.

Then what we're gonna do is then give out random prizes to both you and your friend for just doing that. Leaving us a comment.

We might give out a prize for being the furtherest away from us down under? We might giveaway a prize for being the most 'exotic' location. We might give out a prize for being the person who refers the most people???????? Who knows what we're looking for and what will earn you a wee prize?

And to give you an idea of what you might win....we've got papers, and stickers, and tools, and vellum flowers and and and....the list goes on.

Cause as you know, we're leading up to our birthday we just couldn't wait to start giving, asap. LOL!

So get emailing, put up a post on your blog. See what you can do.

Trina, Dawn and Lyn

PS: We might just play this little game for a while.....lets see how it goes huh?

SNAP Competition

You can win Rusty Pickle goodies Mystical Scrapbooks!
I hope I win too.
Here's the link:
SNAP Blog comments

Goodluck!! :D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My a long time

It's been quite a while since I last did some blogging & scrap booking. I started scrap booking way back in 1999 when I had my summer vacation in the U.S. It was my sister who introduced me to this craft. She took me to Michael's arts & crafts store so we can go shopping for materials. Man I got crazy! I was overwhelmed with all the stuff that they had there. I didn't know which section to go to first. Hmmm... stickers, papers, scissors, embellishments, adhesives, albums... oh the list goes on! After spending almost an hour there we went home. I couldn't sleep from thinking how I'd start my layouts. The day after our shopping I finally started my first layout. It was a simple layout about my 1st year in high school.

Well I continued scr
ap booking when I got back here in the Philippines. But since scrapbooking wasn't known here yet during that time, I got lazy & uninspired plus there weren't any materials here to buy scrapbook stuff. I got busy with college then later with work that I never found time to scrap again.

I went
back to the U.S. last January 2005 and found a new hobby which is somewhat related to scrapbooking... card making. I stayed in the U.S. for almost 6 months and as soon as I got my California driver's license, I started driving to Michael's again to buy my materials. I think Michael's was my favorite hang out at that time. I would spend about 2 hours there twice a week to shop for materials. Then I searched for other arts & crafts stores so I can have other options. There was Jo-Ann's, The Art Store, Big Lots (this isn't actually an art store but I did find lots of cheap scrapbook materials there), there was another store which I forgot the name... sorry.

Oh well, from there I st
arted card making until I got back here in the Philippines again. I was even able to sell some of my cards in our store & I'm glad people liked them. I would also sometimes make unique birthday invitations for my friends' parties. Then I started working again & it all stopped. Later on got married, had a baby & one day I saw that my little girl's empty milk cans were piling up at our back yard. Hehe. I searched the net for some recycling projects so I can make those cans useful & I came across the altered paint cans. Instead of using empty paint cans I decided to use the empty milk cans instead. And that was the birth of a new project! Hehe.

Then just last month I realized I haven't made any albums for my little girl & she's already 1 year & 6 months old! That's when I began to plan to go back to scrapooking. And as if it was my calling to go back to the craft, my friend Romely sent me a text message inviting me to join them in a mini scrap jam. Talk about perfect timing.

Oh I didn't re
alize my first log post has gotten long. I'd have to end my first entry now as my little girl has already waken from her afternoon nap. Till next time!