Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok so, my daughter's first birthday was months ago! (January 4) Still it was only today that I was able to make a layout for her birthday. But it's never too late to scrap some more. I might be making more LOs of her birthday soon. But for now here's what I've done:

I used a plain red cardstock for my background & did a lot of doodling with my handy dandy white gel pen. I placed a small cut out of her birthday cake at the left bottom corner of the page. The main picture is of course Marcie, the birthday girl. This was taken before we started opening her gifts. You could see how excited she was. Cut the picture with my circle cutter to make it llok like the letter "O". The letters "N" & "E" were plain chipboard alphas which I then painted with acrylic paint & doodled with white stars. The pink star burst cut out was made from my wishblade. Journaling: "
I can't believe you've turned 1 already. It seems like you were only born yesterday. Time does really fly fast. You were quite sleepy during your party but when it was time to open the presents, you were finally charged again. You started to laugh so cheerfully & even started dancing. Those sparkle in your eyes show how much fun you had turning one."

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Creative B Bee said...

You are not late to lo it. My DT now already 3 yr++ but I just started to do her 1yr old bd lo.