Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first...in a long time

It's been quite a while since I last did some blogging & scrap booking. I started scrap booking way back in 1999 when I had my summer vacation in the U.S. It was my sister who introduced me to this craft. She took me to Michael's arts & crafts store so we can go shopping for materials. Man I got crazy! I was overwhelmed with all the stuff that they had there. I didn't know which section to go to first. Hmmm... stickers, papers, scissors, embellishments, adhesives, albums... oh the list goes on! After spending almost an hour there we went home. I couldn't sleep from thinking how I'd start my layouts. The day after our shopping I finally started my first layout. It was a simple layout about my 1st year in high school.

Well I continued scr
ap booking when I got back here in the Philippines. But since scrapbooking wasn't known here yet during that time, I got lazy & uninspired plus there weren't any materials here to buy scrapbook stuff. I got busy with college then later with work that I never found time to scrap again.

I went
back to the U.S. last January 2005 and found a new hobby which is somewhat related to scrapbooking... card making. I stayed in the U.S. for almost 6 months and as soon as I got my California driver's license, I started driving to Michael's again to buy my materials. I think Michael's was my favorite hang out at that time. I would spend about 2 hours there twice a week to shop for materials. Then I searched for other arts & crafts stores so I can have other options. There was Jo-Ann's, The Art Store, Big Lots (this isn't actually an art store but I did find lots of cheap scrapbook materials there), there was another store which I forgot the name... sorry.

Oh well, from there I st
arted card making until I got back here in the Philippines again. I was even able to sell some of my cards in our store & I'm glad people liked them. I would also sometimes make unique birthday invitations for my friends' parties. Then I started working again & it all stopped. Later on got married, had a baby & one day I saw that my little girl's empty milk cans were piling up at our back yard. Hehe. I searched the net for some recycling projects so I can make those cans useful & I came across the altered paint cans. Instead of using empty paint cans I decided to use the empty milk cans instead. And that was the birth of a new project! Hehe.

Then just last month I realized I haven't made any albums for my little girl & she's already 1 year & 6 months old! That's when I began to plan to go back to scrapooking. And as if it was my calling to go back to the craft, my friend Romely sent me a text message inviting me to join them in a mini scrap jam. Talk about perfect timing.

Oh I didn't re
alize my first log post has gotten long. I'd have to end my first entry now as my little girl has already waken from her afternoon nap. Till next time!


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