Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pic of the Week

My sister was in the mood to take pictures the other night & her favorite subject... Marcie! Hehe. My little girl loves to dress up & sometimes she would even raid our closets to get a shirt or dress & wear it even if it's way too big for her. Well that night, she did it again. She took this white sleeveless shirt & wore it. My sister said Marcie looked like a "pulubi" (street kid). Lol!

"Ang batang yagit"

Well a street kid with an iphone? "Sosyal!" Hehe. Oh yes at 1 year old, she knows how to operate this gadget. I never taught her how t use it but somehow she knows how to. Her favorite thing about the phone is that she can watch her favorite movie there. She watches Alvin & the Chipmunks movie about 3 or more times a day! I think I've already memorized the lines. Ask her to show you her pictures & she'll navigate through the phone like an expert. My oh my! Kids learn so fast these days! I won't be surprised if I see her surfing the net one of these days. Haha.


Benga said...

hehehe ang cute nya! grabe ang bilis pumickup ng mga bata, o baka magscrap na din yan hehehe
thanks for dropping by at my blog!

Vivs said...

awww look at her! hehehe kids these days are far more ahead than we thought. not only she has the ability to play with modern technologies but she also has a sense of style in fashion! hehehe

sarah said...

that is sooo cute! haven't seen that movie, but i sure plan on it! :)