Monday, November 17, 2008

Pic of the Week-All Girl

Just before my parents left for their vacation last Saturday, we went to the club house blessing of Marquee Place (a new subdivision developed by the Ayalas) here in Angeles City. We heard mass then had lunch after wards. There were also games for kids & a photo booth. Of course, we didn't let the day finish without taking photos! The one above was my chosen pic for this week. All girl pic with my mom, me, my sisters Jaymie & Lily & Marcie. I wish we had our eldest sister with us here & her daughter so we'd be complete.

I love the Marquee clubhouse! It was Marcie's first time to play at the park & she really enoyed it. The park that we have in the current subdivision we live in isn't too nice. I hope we could move to the new subdivision when it's finished. Hehe.

Here's another pic of Marcie while writing on the graffiti wall:
This little girl loves to write though she really doesn't know how to yet. She has her own notebook where she does her scribbles. :)

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Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Lovely all girl pic. Wish I have sisters too! Must be nice. Marcie is such a cutie eh?!