Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet November

Wow November already??? I really need to start working on my Christmas t0-do list now. Had fun yesterday with little Marcie as we went Trick-or-Treating at the mall. She was so happy with the sweets she got but I had to hide some of them or she'll eat them all in a day! lol

This year I decided to dress up Marcie as Pucca. She loves watching the Pucca cartoons and it so happened I found an old red Chinese inspired shirt (yes, it was mine) and I turned it into a dress instead for Marcie. Hehe, that saved me from a couple of bucks from buying her a costume. I used a Styrofoam ball and painted it black (I didn't have any black paint around so I used black shoe shine, haha). I cut the ball in half and inserted them in two separate hair nets. I then tied Marcie's hair in two buns and attached the styrofoam balls on top of them to make them look bigger. I also painted her cheeks with red "dimples" using lipstick to make her look more like Pucca.

Well the 1st day of the month for me is starting out great. I just saw Artz de Scrap blog and found out I won their Altered Tin Challenge! Sweet! It's been so long since I last joined a challenge and I'm glad I was able to submit my entry (though last minute) or I wouldn't have won. Thank you Artz de Scrap! :)

And since November 1 is All Saints Day, we went to the cemetery to visit our departed loved ones (my dad, grandpa, uncle & great grandmother). It was like a family reunion coz most of my relatives were there. Had some good food, a bit of scary stories, and finished the day with a prayer. May all the souls of those who've gone before us rest in peace.

Hope we'll all have a sweet November ahead.


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi Gracie! How are you?? It's been a while we didn't keep in touch. Goshh!! Your daughter is so cuteeee!!!!!

I really want to meet her & of course her mummy too ;) maybe one day I'll go to Phillipines, you'll be my tour guide? hehehe...

Solo said...

Hello, beautiful Marcie :D